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"It has helped that a lot of people in Colombia trust him, that he has kept a low profile and a cool head and that he has a lot of contacts in all aspects of the drug trade.". One American intelligence summary describes. Carrillo had been linked to most of the seven huge loads of cocaine that were flown into Mexico from May 1994 to March 1995 on converted Boeing 727 and Caravelle jets. Their

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uncle, Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, was imprisoned in 1985 for the murder of an American drug agent, Enrique Camarena Salazar. 12 - Gunmen killed a boss of one of Mexico's main drug cartels and two other people in an ambush at a cinema complex in the northwestern town of Culiacán on Saturday night, and five of the assailants were killed in shootouts with the police. Nor is there much sign that Mexican kingpins have developed the broad political agendas that have led their Colombian counterparts to form parties, finance presidential campaigns and even run for office.

eroticmarkt berg marijke amado wonneproppen max

Carrillo's partners were arrested in 1991, and. That has been especially apparent, they add, in the ascent of the powerful trafficker from Ciudad Juarez, Amado Carrillo Fuentes. She said that five attackers, wielding automatic rifles, were killed in two separate shootouts with the police, and that two other men were arrested. Drug enforcement officials say he talks over the same secure telephones used by his Colombian partners; his underlings avoid surveillance by pirating the frequencies of cellular telephones across the border and by changing beepers as often as once a day. In some cases, the Mexicans are simply buying entire loads of cocaine from the Colombians and selling it themselves.

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  • Amado, carrillo Fuentes, nicknamed Lord of the Skies for his use of a fleet of aircraft to ship.
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eroticmarkt berg marijke amado wonneproppen max

American officials say. In the last few months, agents in Mexico have seized Laotian opium, Nigerian heroin and 13 tons of hashish from Pakistan, by far the largest seizure of the drug ever in Latin America. Salinas's elder brother, Raul, on charges of ordering the murder last fall of the party's deputy leader, Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu, the authorities have backed away from the idea that drugs might have played a role in that slaying. The wholesale price of speed has dropped from 10,000 a pound to 2,000, cutting into the crack cocaine market in parts of the southwest and fueling new spurts of gang activity and violence. Pérez said, and a former top detective with them was wounded. Carrillo established strong ties to one of the most powerful leaders of the Cali cartel, Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela. A senior American anti-drug official described the two cases as "the tip of an iceberg." The Corruption Pervasive, Yes, But Not Dominant. Office in Phoenix, Richard Canas. But United States Customs Service officials acknowledge that the smugglers are moving more of their drugs into the United States through legal ports of entry, taking advantage of rising truck traffic and a falling rate of inspections.